Dolla dolla bills y’all… Thoughts on breaking down the $$$ numbers.

Recently the awesome Stella Chu posted about the cost of one of her cosplays including the convention costs. Some jumped on the bandwagon and others harshly criticized this move on the communities part.

Here is the original post that started it all.

From Stella’s facebook photo Caption: (Let’s talk about cosplay. Here is a breakdown of the cost of my Jaina Proudmoore cosplay. Made in 9 days to bring to Blizzcon. I had painting help from Kirakira Cosplay and Chubear Cosplay. Photography by Saffels Photography Many people don’t realize what exactly goes into the creation of a costume. We don’t get paid to make these and only a small portion of us make money off selling prints. This is a labor of love. I’d like to see more of these kinds of cost and time breakdowns from other cosplayers.)

Okay so on both sides there are some pros and cons. People are right and wrong, but hey this is my personal opinion. I need to address a couple of things I see being repeated. Some will be butt hurt, others will not. :3

1. I see a ton of posts about how others are wasting their money.

I don’t really care about how people spend their money. It’s their money to do with what they want. I’m not going to tell anyone to justify it, because we all blow money on things we love. Some people outside of the community see cosplay as a complete waste of time and money in the first place.


Some of the people who have shared their cosplay cost breakdowns are doing it just to give awareness as to how much it can cost. That said, you bet there are others who are putting up these posts so they can brag about how much or how little they have spent.


I don’t plan on putting one up myself, because I know I honestly spend way more than the average person and regardless people will judge accordingly. But you know what, I pay my bills, my taxes, and feed myself and my cats, so I can do what I want with the rest of my money. I personally like my privacy so talking about the cost of my builds and breaking them down is not something I want people to focus on. There is an exception in my case, if anyone asks me about my builds and the costs, I’m very transparent and honest about it. I’ll even link them where I bought the materials, because if anyone wants the information, I’m more than happy to help. 😀

2. I do see the breakdowns as a positive thing, because it’s informative. If looking at others builds and costs upset you, that’s honestly a personal problem. I’m not a fan of any negative feelings, especially jealousy.


I don’t get angry or feel bad about myself every time I see someone driving a Tesla model S despite how much I want one. I’ve accepted the fact it will be a long time, if ever, before I have enough money to purchase one. 😀


That said, people do need to live within their means and I am highly against individuals skipping out on meals in order to attend a con/fund a cosplay instead. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs people. Read it.


3. People are correlating the cost and breakdown of money to the love of cosplay. I highly disagree with this mindset. It doesn’t matter how much you spend guys. You should all already know that and I’m preaching to the choir.


4. I am for the positive message that people should share more tutorials, progress shots, videos, etc. I’ll admit I get super stoked watching the progress of others and then the big reveal at the end. :3 Give back and pay it forward guys.


5. Shopping on a budget. We should all have budgets in mind when it comes to building a cosplay. Unless you have unlimited pockets of cash flowing out of your butt, then more power to you, and come use my toilet. :3 I’d love to see more about online sales for materials being shared. I know I’d follow that blog in a heartbeat, because despite spending so much on my cosplays I’d sure as heck love to spend less and get the same quality or better out of it.


Final thoughts, guys we are a small community and all we have is each other. Calm down and stop judging others. Stop telling others that their social media posts are wrong, make them feel guilty, or judging them for jumping on the bandwagon. I mean it’s like a repeat of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Take a chill pill, have a beer, listen to Cold Play, do whatever you need to do to relax, and for the love of all that is holy, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.



Leaping Lizard Cosplay Fantomfest Horror Cosplay Line Up

Presentation1 (1)

My Fantomfest cosplay line up. Since it’s a horror convention, why not horror based cosplays? 😀

This is my first time as a guest at a con, so come see me! :3

Friday Night: Don Juan from Hotline Miami
Saturday Night: Lady Dexter Morgan from Dexter

Days til’ Dragoncon Follow Up Friday Week 5

My fifth #FollowUpFriday for the web-series #DaystilDragoncon with Word of the Nerd Online, Living for the Moments, and Shattered Stitch Cosplay.

Thanks everyone for following along on my Dragon Con journey.

#cosplay #interview #progress #dragoncon2014

Here is the Days ’til Dragoncon web-series where you can check out the other cosplayers!

And here is my Dragon*Con line-up. 😀

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 10.45.58 AM

Let’s talk about…Cyber bulling shall we?

MUAHAHAHA SO MUCH HATE FOR MY COSPLAYS! Guys… I feel legit now. Rite of passage has commenced. Heads up, I curse a bit. Lol…

Ahhhh… The things people get mad at are cracking me up. Some people take this stuff toooooooo seriously.



I was waiting a long time to write this, but now’s a better time than ever. Liz is about to get real okay? Brace yourself.

You guys know me, and you know… I don’t care much for negativity. Hey, people can have their opinions. They can be mean and bully me, but it’s on the internet so I take it all with a grain of salt.

As a kid (and you might find this surprising), people were afraid of me. When a kid bullied me… I’d beat the crap out of them. Lol… I was always in the principal’s office, no joke. My principal once pulled me in and said, “Liz, I’ll make a deal with you. If you don’t get into a fight for a whole month… I’ll give you a prize from the treasure chest.”

There was this baller butterfly pen I had my soul set on. I was like… “LET’S DO THIS!” It looked just like this one.


The next month was a valuable lesson for me. The bullies knew about my deal with the principal and worked overtime to torture me. They would throw my lunch on the floor, kick my chair, rip up my homework, shoot spitballs at me, pull my hair, trip me, etc. All the while, I was all super Ghandi-like. Lol… I had a goal to get that damn pen.

So a month passes, and I get called to the principal’s office to claim my epic badass butterfly pen. Not only was I stoked to get the pen, but I was super proud I kept myself in check. Upon returning to class, my teacher makes an announcement, and I’m all like… “SUCK IT BULLIES!”

Later on that day, the teacher just so happened to leave the room. One of the bullies came over to my desk, grabbed the butterfly pen, and snapped the butterfly right off the top.

Well, you might be expecting me to be calm and let it go… But in reality… I snapped him like he did my pen. Lol… I completely lost it and beat this kid to a pulp. I broke his little jerk face third grade nose. I remember getting pulled off of him and being sent straight to the principal’s office. Dead silence came out of me. I showed the principal my pen, and she actually started to cry. In that moment, it was a realization that she had expected so much more out of me. She was so proud her troubled child finally cleaning up her act, and when I did what I did and saw her reaction, her disappointment was more crushing than everything else.

I remember going home and staying up all night feeling guilty. So guilty. Yeah, I was pushed over the edge, but I needed to be held responsible for my actions, because other people depended on me and cared about me. By losing control and hurting the little jerk face, I not only caused physical pain to someone but emotional pain to someone who took time and effort to try and help me become a better person.

Throughout the rest of my elementary and middle school years, I admit that I did stumble a couple times. That’s what humans do, but I’m proud to say I finally ended up getting my act together. By high school I was no longer a troubled kid but a straight A, honor society goody two-shoes. I was accepted into a great college and ended up with my dream job. I decided after that day that I would no longer hurt anyone, either emotionally or physically. I always worshipped superheros, and I sure as hell wanted to be one. My positivity, passion, and kindness would be my main focus for the rest of my life. I would stay in control.

That night I realized that there will always be bullies and negative people. There are people who think they are better than others. Now mind you, that’s their prerogative. It’s their choice to alienate themselves from others. It’s up to them to decided to change or stay that way. On a side note, when people have repeated problems with others, I tell them to look at the common denominator. We are all imperfect, but pride often blinds us as a self-defense mechanism.

The relationships I’ve made and the people I’ve come to cherish and love have only helped me grow further as an individual. I love criticism and challenging my beliefs because it also helps me advance. This community is beautiful, and full of beautiful people. There are many complex people, including people who may not understand how much time, effort, and love you put into your outfits. It’s a very harsh thing to tell someone their cosplay is lazy, or inaccurate, or that they did a bad job because they too are human and they know they are doing a mean thing.

We could debate for hours as to the “why”, but that’s not the point. The point of that this is for me to help those reading this who have been bullied and may not have as thick a skin as some would like. Keep in mind when dealing with a bully, you don’t know this individual’s life circumstances. You really don’t need to relate to them or even warrant a response. Just brush it off! Ignore it! DO NOT LET THEIR NEGATIVITY BRING YOU DOWN!!! It doesn’t matter your race, weight, sex, whether or not you sewed everything, if you bought it, if you commissioned it… F*ck all of it. Don’t focus on any of that. Focus on the FUN and the POSITIVE. Have courtesy and treat others they way you wish to be treated. Even if they treat you like sh*t, be the bigger person treat them with kindness.

Everybody’s got problems. Everyone’s got emotional baggage. Everyone’s fighting with themselves about something. If you see a cosplayer and you love their work, let them know! Share them and help this community grow because all we all have each other. Don’t be a vain, petty, selfish, bully, and don’t exploit your friends for popularity. Don’t tear another person down online, and DO NOT speak ill of others. It only makes you look bad. Ranting with close friends is one thing but blasting negativity all over your page online, on forums, etc… is not cool. You might not get along with another human being, but I’m sure they have people who do get along with them just fine, and to the third parties it just makes you look like an overly-emotional, unstable drama queen. YEAH, I SAID IT!!!

In practice this is all harder said than done. You start obsessing and asking yourself, “Why would someone speak ill of me or my cosplays? What did I do to deserve this? Do other people really think this way?” No man is an island, but you and you alone are responsible for your happiness. Who gives a sh*t what these people say. You are responsible for letting these things get to you. Don’t depend on others to make you happy or to make you feel better. Look at yourself everyday and point out something you like about yourself. Find something new everyday. If you can’t, you should sit down and reflect on why that is. Why are you letting yourself feel negative about your image? Fall in love with yourself because you all have something to offer and contribute to this world. Try to make others happy. Pay it forward. Compliment someone once a day. Tell someone that they did a good job.

The reason I love cosplay is because it gives me validation in my life. Everyone needs validation. This is kind of cheesy, but it gets the point across on what I’m trying to tell all of you.

Go do something that makes you happy today. When you are met with negativity, kick it to the side. Cut negative people out of your life. Sometimes this can even be family, so make sure that you reduce contact with them as much as possible. It takes time but with perseverance you can and will be happier in your life. I know I am and because of it I can take the negativity and ignore it.

As my cosplay grows, I’ll be faced with more and more negativity. However, I’m going to train right through it with my positive attitude, just like I do in my day to day life. You guys can do it, too. I believe in all of you, and you are all amazing. You are all a f*cking special snowflake. OKAY!?

Ranting is over. :3 I love all of you. Remember, do something for yourself and others today.

Shirt from the Wicked Tailor.

My Official Cosplay Line-Up for Florida Supercon!

heroes & villains My official Cosplay Line-Up for Florida Supercon! Come find me Thursday only at Heroes & Villains – Comics & Games booth 620/721! I will be selling prints for the first time. 😀 Cosplays: Thursday: Maxwell from Scribblenauts Friday: Little Mac from Punch out and Super Smash Brothers Saturday: Rainbow Dash Sunday: BMO dress from Adventure Time Sunday Night: Freakazoid

Thursday July 3rd I will be a guest at Heroes & Villains Booth 620 & 721 at Florida Supercon!

Thursday July 3rd I will be a guest at Heroes & Villains Booth 620 & 721 at Florida Supercon!

I have an exciting announcement! I will be a guest cosplayer at the Heroes & Villains – Comics & Games table at FLORIDA SUPERCON!

This is my first time ever selling prints at a convention. I will be there all day Thursday, July 3rd at booth 620 & 721.

Come by and see me!!!

Also, if you are going and there is a print in my store you would like, let me know! I’ll make sure to hold one just for you!

Please come on by and say hi to me guys! You don’t have to buy anything! I JUST WANT TO HUG ALL OF YOU FOR BEING AMAZING FOLLOWERS!!! I can’t wait to meet you all!

you guys!!! So much. You have all helped me get this far!

If you’d like to see more of me at more cons, let your con staff know or local vendors who have guest cosplayers.

Please please please, go stop by Heroes and Villains facebook page and tell them I sent you! And please send them a big thank you for getting me to be a guest at their table. They are the first people to ever give me such an amazing opportunity, and I want them to know how much I appreciate it!

Days til’ Dragoncon First Follow Up Friday Interview

My first #FollowUpFriday for the web-series #DaystilDragoncon with Word of the Nerd Online, Living for the Moments, and Shattered Stitch Cosplay.

Thanks everyone for following along on my Dragon Con journey.

#cosplay #interview #progress #dragoncon2014

Here is the Days ’til Dragoncon web-series where you can check out the other cosplayers!

And here is my Dragon*Con line-up. 😀


From left to right:
Rikku Gunmage Dressphere from FFX-2
Roller Derby Supergirl from DC Comics
Merman from He-Man
Two Star Mako from Kill La Kill
Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Days ‘Til Dragon*con Web Series Initial Interview

Hey guys I have new news! I am apart of Word of the Nerd Online’s summertime web series Days till Dragoncon. They are following 9 cosplayers progress as the con approaches.

Here is my initial interview courtesy of Shattered Stitch Cosplay.

And here is my Dragon*Con line-up. 😀

From left to right:
Rikku Gunmage Dressphere from FFX-2
Roller Derby Supergirl from DC Comics
Merman from He-Man
Two Star Mako from Kill La Kill
Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Leaping Lizard Cosplay Interview with Living for the Moments

Meru from Legend of Dragoon Cosplayer: Leaping Lizard Cosplay Photography credit:
Meru from Legend of Dragoon Cosplayer: Leaping Lizard Cosplay Photography credit:

I did an interview with the awesome crew from Living for the Moments.

Loot Crate Unboxing April 2014 Dragon Theme

A little late, but better than never! 😀