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Leaping Lizard Cosplay, or just Liz for short, has been cosplaying since 2007. Currently residing out of beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Liz lives by the motto, “Cositivity: Positivity in Cosplay.”

Liz is first and foremost a video game addict. That said, her cosplay portfolio covers a vast array of characters from video games, anime, television, comic books, and cartoons. She is also a fitness nut and loves to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

As a fan of all cosplay, Liz’s favorite part of the cosplay community is meeting and interacting with new people.

During her time as a cosplayer, Liz has won several awards for her craftsmanship and skit based competitions, including Best in Show, several judges awards, and best animated skit. She has also modeled for companies, hired to cosplay original characters from comics, and been featured as a guest cosplayer, judge, and panelist for conventions and out-of-con events.

Media wise, Liz was a featured cosplayer on the web series Days til’ Dragoncon, and has also been featured and interviewed on several websites, television, documentaries, magazines, and newspapers.

Leaping Lizard contact information:
Storenvy Print & Accessory Store 


For general Q&A and booking, please email:

Want to see me at a show near you?!
Let me know here!
Also! Let your local con know!

Feel free to snail mail her at:
Leaping Lizard Cosplay
PO Box 274
Aiea, HI 96701

Upcoming Appearances:

Attending KawaiiKon 2023
Honolulu, Hawaii
March 2023

Attending Super Saturday Hawaii Endless Summer!
June 17-18, 2023

Previous Guest Appearances:


  • Holiday Matsuri
    Orlando, FL. Dec.
    Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Amazing Comic Con Aloha
    Honolulu, HI. Feburay, 2020
    Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Hiatus!


  • Holiday Matsuri
    Orlando, FL. Dec.
    Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Holiday Matsuri
    Orlando, FL. Dec.
    Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Magic City Comic Con: Miami, FL. Jan. 15-17th, 2016, Cosplay Guest, judge, & panelist.
  • Space Coast Nerd Fest: Melbourne, FL. April 16th & 17th, 2016. Cosplay Guest and Judge.
  • Megacon: Orlando, FL. May 26th-29th, 2016.
    Cosplay Guest and Panelist.
  • Florida Supercon: Miami, FL. June 30th-July 18th, 2016. Cosplay Guest, Panelist, and Judge.
  • Holiday Matsuri: Orlando, FL. Dec. 18-20th, 2015. Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Geek Fest Florida: Miami, FL. March 21st-22nd, 2015 Cosplay Guest & Judge.
  • Phoenix Comic Con: Phoenix, AZ. May 28th-31st, 2015.
    Professional Cosplayer, Panelist, and Cosplay Guest booth promoter for Game On Con.
  • Florida Supercon: Miami, FL. June 25-28th, 2015. Cosplay Guest, Panelist, and Judge.
  • Tampa Bay Comic Con: Tampa Bay, FL. July 31st-Aug 2nd, 2015.  Cosplay Ally Guest.
  • Space Coast Comic Con : Cape Canaveral, FL. September 12-13th, 2015. Cosplay Guest.
  • FantomFest: San Antonio, TX. Oct. 10th, 2015. Cosplay Guest, Judge, and Panelist.
  • Animate Miami: Miami, FL. Oct. 23-25th, 2015. Cosplay guest, Judge, and Panelist.
  • Fandomcon: Fort Walton Beach, FL. November 6-8th, 2015. Cosplay Guest, Judge, and Panelist.
  • Holiday Matsuri: Orlando, FL. Dec. 18-20th, 2015. Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.


  • Holiday Matsuri: Orlando, FL. December 12-14th, 2014. Cosplay Guest, judge, and event host.
  • FandomCon: Fort Walton Beach, FL. November 7-9th, 2014: Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.
  • Heroes & Villains Halloween Party. Coral Springs, FL Oct. 27th, 2014. Cosplay guest and Judge.
  • FantomFest. San Antonio, TX. Sept. 26-27th, 2014. Cosplay Guest, Judge, and Panelist.
  • Florida Supercon: Miami, FL. July 3-7th, 2014. Heroes and Villains Booth Cosplay Guest


  • Cosplay Over 30:
    -Holiday Matsuri 2022
  • From Bikinis to Ballgowns, there is no wrong way to cosplay!:
    -Holiday Matsuri 2022
  • Let’s Talk About Anime!!!:
    -Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2020
  • Cosplay Guest Q&A:
    -Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2020
    -Florida Supercon 2017
    -Florida Supercon 2016
    -FantomFest 2015
  • Dark Souls Lore:
    -Holiday Matsuri 2016
  • CosFit & Body Positivity in Cosplay:
    -Florida Supercon 2016

  • Tips on Striking a Pose for Cosplay Photography:
    -Megacon 2016

  • Cositivity: Positivity in the Cosplay Community:
    -Magic City Comic Con 2016
    -Holiday Matsuri 2015
    -Animate Miami 2015
    -FantomFest 2015

  • Cosplay for Begginners:
    -Megacon 2016

  • The FUS RO DAH of Armor Making:
    -Magic City Comic Con 2016

  • CosPos: Bringing light into the cosplay community:
    -Phoenix Comic Con 2015

  • Get Your Hair Done: Managing the Notorious Cosplay Wig:
    -Phoenix Comic Con 2015

  • We All Wear Masks: An Introduction to Cosplay Makeup:
    -Holiday Matsuri 2015
    -Phoenix Comic Con 2015

  • Cosplaying & the Faux Pas of Social Media:
    -Phoenix Comic Con 2015

  • FanPage 101:
    -Fandomcon 2014

  • Faux Pas of Social Media:
    -Fandomcon 2014

  • Are you Living For The Moments? – A panel on cosplay life and positivity:
    -Fandomcon 2014

  • Cosplaying 101:
    -Fantomfest 2014

Cosplay Awards:


  • Dragoncon Atlanta, GA
    Thrusday Night Playboy Bunny Hutch
    Best Group: Star Wars Bunnies -Darth Vader Bunny
  • Florida Supercon Miami, FL
    Friday Night Masquerade
    Best Animated: Punch Out Group – Little Mac

  • Florida Supercon Miami, FL
    Sunday Night Runway Contest
    Judges Award: Freakazoid


  • Freecon Tallahassee, FL
    Best in Show: Botan from YuYu Hakusho


  • Metrocon Tampa, FL
    Judge’s favorite: One Piece Group – Tony Tony Chopper


Features and Interviews:

  • The Nerdist: Focus on Roller Derby Supergirl
  • Cos Couture: Focus on Roller Derby Supergirl
  • Cos Couture: Focus on Glam Rock Rainbow Dash
  • Geeks and Wives
  • Word of the Nerd
  • Living for the Moments 
  • Cosplay Interview
  • Tampa Bay Times
  • Ministers of Good Taste
  • Zombies in My Blog
  • ShareMyCosplay
  • Geek Eccentric


  • SnowCast
  • Cappuccino Cunnilingus


  • CosplayZine
  • Tampa Bay Times


  • Days till Dragoncon hosted by Word of the Nerd and Living for the Moments


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