Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses Geo Angel Brown

These contacts were not sponsored. I purchased them myself.

I plan on reviewing the contacts really based on comfort and color.

I really was happy with these brown lenses. They were bold, and being circle lenses, really helped to bring my anime characters to life.

I have light green colored eyes, so I believe that actually benefited me a little more than someone already with darker eyes.

For only $20, they were worth it. I ended up using these multiple times for multiple characters. More pics are below. 😀

I don’t find these contacts to be as comfortable as my daily contacts. That said, I could wear them for 8 hours if I had too.

They were slightly more comfortable than my previous review of the EOS Dolly Green Eye contacts.

If you have dark brown eyes, these might not lighten them up enough to be worth it for you.


Additional notes:
This isn’t so much a con, but just a heads up to everyone, these contacts are the brightest and the best IMHO, and because of it, it’s almost fricken impossible to order them. -_-

I feel I have a weaker tolerance for contacts than most people, so with all colored contacts, I generally frequently add re-wetting drops once an hour. That can be a problem of course, because, eye makeup.

So I recommend to any gecko, you guys make sure to have some waterproof eyeliner and a little pack with touch up makeup for photo shoots.

Also, if it hurts, take the dang contact out. Make sure you always soak your contacts in cleaning solution 24 hours before putting them in your eyes.

Feel free to order them here:

And make sure to use the code: “leapinglizardcosplay” to get a bonus gift with your order!

Photos courtesy to Short Fuse Pinups, UMO Photo, and Ace T. Cosplay and Photography.


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