Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses EOS Adult Pink (Older version)


I purchased these contacts myself.

I plan on reviewing the contacts really based on comfort and color.

Just a heads up this review, these contacts are no longer available for purchase. They have changed and the closet ones you can get are these:

The color on these were phenomenal, they were super bold and showed up easily on my eyes. For those wondering I naturally have light green eyes.

I find the EOS series to be easily the brightest and most vibrant. Even on darker eyes.

For ~$26 it didn’t break my budget and added an extra wow factor to my cosplay.

I don’t find these contacts to be as comfortable as my daily contacts. That said, I could wear them for 8 hours if I had too. That said, these were the first edition of these contacts. Since these are no longer sold, I’ve been told the newer version feels lighter and is more comfortable to the user.

I feel I have a weaker tolerance for contacts than most people, so with all colored contacts, I generally frequently add re-wetting drops once an hour. That can be a problem of course, because, eye makeup.

Also, if it hurts, take the dang contact out. Make sure you always soak your contacts in cleaning solution 24 hours before putting them in your eyes.

So I recommend to any gecko, you guys make sure to have some waterproof eyeliner and a little pack with touch up makeup for photo shoots.

Additional notes:
Heads up to everyone, these contacts are super popular for their great reviews, so it’s almost fricken impossible to order them. -_-

Feel free to order there new ones here:

And make sure to use the code: “leapinglizardcosplay” to get a bonus gift with your order!

Photo by Short Fuse Pinups and Mig Photography World.


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