A friendly PSA for everyone trying to better themselves.

A friendly PSA for all my friends working hard at getting in shape. 😀 I’ve come so far (down a whooping 50lbs). I have to thank everyone here who motivated me, and still continues to do so.

I haven’t been posting much about it here, but I’ve been back at the gym and hitting it hard. Most days I go for over two hours. Tonight is Spin (50 min), Strength training (50 min), and core (30 min). I hope to completely transform myself by the end of this year, and be stronger physically than I have ever been.

So, as I say to myself everyday and now I say to you! Get out there and get it! Make a good choice today to better yourself. This doesn’t have to be food or working out, even just taking 20 minutes to completely disconnect and relax will help you.

I hope you are all well. I’m “going to go get it now.” 😀


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