Tira Soul Calibur 3 Build (In Progress)


Welcome Geckos! I’ll be putting the progess of my Tira cosplay here! To get started, I’m listing the materials I’ve bought and plan on using for Tira as of 5/21/2017.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions and email me for future information.

Materials I purchased:

I decided for this cosplay I wanted to do something a bit different. I’ve used stretch velvet in the past, but I’ve always wanted to make a full cosplay out of it. When I was looking at reference pictures of Tira, I felt I needed to make her out of something that gave texture to light hitting it.

At first I was thinking faux leather, but I wasn’t really happy with the colors or fabrics I found online or the fact that there was no stretch to the fabric. Personally, I’m a fan of anything that stretches, and I plan on selling the cosplay afterward, and having it be flexible material would give a little more to someone else wearing the outfit.

Looking at the in-game design and the official art, there is some flexibility. I felt the game art didn’t have enough teal blue to it like the in-game version, so I decided to add more to my own design. I’m hoping it’ll help blend in my wig with the rest of the cosplay.

Next on the list will be the start of patterning. I’m going to go ahead and get started on a Pattering tutorial for you guys. I could just buy a pattern and modify it, but I have more fun pattering things myself. And when I use a bolt of Muslin fabric, I can make sure it fits me perfect allowing me to save as much of the fancy fabric as I can. I have several fabric patterns I’ve made in the past and still continue to use today. 😀

I will also make a list of generic materials I use when sewing, prop making, wig styling, makeup, and jewelry making and link them once completed. 🙂

I’m hoping that by making those I can save time and reduce questions from you guys.

If you find anything too complex, please feel free to ask me to explain it better. As someone who taught herself, I want to be clear and concise so that you can replicate what I’ve done and mitigate the errors I’ve made in the past.