This month’s exclusive Patreon Print! B


This month’s exclusive Patreon Print! By Alexandra@Magfest #cosplay #pokemon #officerjenny #geckoarmy #patreon


Lizard Licks: A NEW FREE Loyalty Program for the Gecko Army!



Hello fellow Geckos! I have a big announcement starting today!

I’ve started a new program for everyone interested! You can start earning points for real free rewards and my monthly giveaways! Get T-shirts, prints, mystery boxes, and more with this program!  Earn Lizard Licks by signing up at:

How does it work?  First connect your Twitch account to and then from there just watch the stream!  I’ll always post on my social media sites when I stream and this gives you the opportunity to earn bonus points! 😀

Earn points the following ways: 
1 point:
-Every minute you watch my stream earns you one point! ❤
10 points each:
-Share my Facebook post announcing that nights stream! Make sure you are set to public so I can see it!
-Re-share my Instagram post announcing that stream and tagging me or using the hashtag #geckoarmy (This is so I can get the notification!)
-Re-Tweet my Tweet announcing that evenings stream!
-Host the stream on Twitch!
15 points:
-Every week you follow my Twitter you automatically get points.
-Every week you subscribe to my YouTube you automatically get points.
20 points:
-Sign up for my Patreon $1 tier. Once a month.
100 points:
-For every $5 donated on stream. $10 donation is 200 points, $15 is 300, etc.

-Sign up for my Patreon $5 tier. Once a month.  $10 tier is 200 points, $30 tier is 600 points, etc.

And more!

Let’s build up the gecko army! Please help support this small streamer with nothing but your time.

Patreon Overwatch Game Night 12/30



Hey everyone!

We will be having a Patreon only stream for Overwatch on PC 12/30 from 1pm-9pm EST. :smile: Everyone that’s apart of my Patreon, even if it’s a $1 will get to play. :smile: We have a private audio channel here on discord. :smile:

Everyone who has connected their patreon to our discord server will be able to access it. :smile: All Patrons make sure to connect your discord account via these steps! (And in case you didn’t know… You get bonus emoji’s in discord. :smile: )

It’s been a very long year, and special shout out and thanks to everyone who has supported me. It means the world to me and I cannot express how grateful I am to have you all in my life.

Interested in just watching? Visit or my youtube channel at to watch the livestream.

❤ Liz

December 2016 Patreon Print


Exclusive Print of the month.png

This month only! Snag this exclusive Candy Cane Ame-Comie Catwoman print. Photo courtesy to Short Fuse Pinups. Cosplay made by me. ❤

Team Valor Baby! What team have you pled


7V2A0190EE.jpgTeam Valor Baby! What team have you pledged allegiance to? What’s your best Pokémon? Anyone catch a Ditto yet? 😀

JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS LEFT TO Snag this print with my BOGO Black Friday deal. 😀 Check out all the new shots here:

Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios.
#cosplay #pokemon #pokemongo #teamvalor #playboy #playboybunny #bunny #sexy

“What cha’ thinking about Jenny? ” Je


7V2A0315EE.jpg“What cha’ thinking about Jenny? ” Jenny: “You know… The Law…”

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! Snag this print and more until 11/30 with my BOGO Black Friday deal. 😀 Check out all the new shots here:

Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios.

#cosplay #pokemon #officerjenny #anime #gaming

Today and tomorrow are the final days to


Today and tomorrow are the final days to grab this print! Before it’s gone forever! Snag it at

Sign up to get a ton of behind the scene looks, work in progress builds, a private chat server, and more! 😀

#cosplay #supersonico #patreon