Lizard Licks: A NEW FREE Loyalty Program for the Gecko Army!


Hello fellow Geckos! I have a big announcement starting today!

I’ve started a new program for everyone interested! You can start earning points for real free rewards and my monthly giveaways! Get T-shirts, prints, mystery boxes, and more with this program!  Earn Lizard Licks by signing up at:

How does it work?  First connect your Twitch account to and then from there just watch the stream!  I’ll always post on my social media sites when I stream and this gives you the opportunity to earn bonus points! 😀

Earn points the following ways: 
1 point:
-Every minute you watch my stream earns you one point! ❤
10 points each:
-Share my Facebook post announcing that nights stream! Make sure you are set to public so I can see it!
-Re-share my Instagram post announcing that stream and tagging me or using the hashtag #geckoarmy (This is so I can get the notification!)
-Re-Tweet my Tweet announcing that evenings stream!
-Host the stream on Twitch!
15 points:
-Every week you follow my Twitter you automatically get points.
-Every week you subscribe to my YouTube you automatically get points.
20 points:
-Sign up for my Patreon $1 tier. Once a month.
100 points:
-For every $5 donated on stream. $10 donation is 200 points, $15 is 300, etc.

-Sign up for my Patreon $5 tier. Once a month.  $10 tier is 200 points, $30 tier is 600 points, etc.

And more!

Let’s build up the gecko army! Please help support this small streamer with nothing but your time.

First Patreon build up! Genderbend Zoro.


Finally, I’m super excited to announce my first build blog is up. I’m going to be working on updating old builds for all of my $10 Patreon members.

Sign up for the $10 tier today here to see builds in their entirety and feel free to ask me any questions you may have on the build.  I will be providing step by step instructions and links to all materials that I use and purchase for the builds.

By signing up to the $10 tier, you will get to see my builds from start to finish. This is something that was requested a while back and it’s been a dream of mine to make it happen for some time.

Additionally, signing up at the $10 tier on Patreon gets you:

  • Private blog with cosplay builds from start to finish detail.
  • Access to my exclusive photo stream on Patreon. See previews, exclusive shots, and goofy moments by yours truly.
  • Google Hangouts for cosplay builds.
  • Cosplay Q&A’s
  • Monthly polls from artwork you’d like to see, cosplay plans, youtube videos, etc.
  • Patreon Twitch nights where we play together! :3
  • Exclusive Discord Server where we get to chat throughout the day! 😀

Woot! All this for just $10 a month?! 😀 MAKE A TERRIBLE DECISION TODAY!

Regardless, thanks to all of my Geckos for the support again and again!  It means the world to me you support what I do.

❤ Liz

My cosplay feature in the Magazine Maneko Anime!

The awesome people over at Maneko Anime featured me in their monthly online magazine.

I actually speak very little Spanish, but if you are fluent or just want to browse it, check it out below!

Comfy Long Polo with Adorable Cartoon Milk House and Puppy.

This shirt won’t upset my lactose intolerance… 😀 Plus, the adorable little puppy on the shoulder can take the bullet for me in the event dairy does approach my mouth hole.

I’d love to pair this cute loose polo with a plain leggings. Overall it’s loose and comfy and that’s one of the main things I adore when looking for casual con evening outfits. Plus, it can double as a comfy night shirt!

Order yours here! Get 10% off with the code “Leaping Lizard Cosplay“!

Also, feel free to check out what other products Women Fashion have in their store here, and don’t forget to use the code “Leaping Lizard Cosplay” to get 10% off your next order!

Cosplay Idol 2015: April – Leaping Lizard

Check out my latest interview as Living for the Moment and Word of the Nerd Online interviewed me as their April 2015 Cosplay Idol. 😀

Leaping-Lizard-Cosplay-620x230You can read the interview by clicking here!

My New PO Box Address!!! Requested by you guys!

😀 GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! I have added my brand new PO Box address to the about section of this page! AS PER ALL OF YOUR AMAZING REQUESTS!!! :3 SO in classic ‪#‎OnePiece‬ Tradition… Do you wanna be my friend? 🙂

I can’t wait to respond to all of your amazing letters!

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EVA Foam Cutting for beginners.

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share with you this awesome beginner tutorial for cutting EVA foam by the talented Andrew Cook aka Da Frontline Trooper. I highly recommend checking out his work. 😀

Dolla dolla bills y’all… Thoughts on breaking down the $$$ numbers.

Recently the awesome Stella Chu posted about the cost of one of her cosplays including the convention costs. Some jumped on the bandwagon and others harshly criticized this move on the communities part.

Here is the original post that started it all.

From Stella’s facebook photo Caption: (Let’s talk about cosplay. Here is a breakdown of the cost of my Jaina Proudmoore cosplay. Made in 9 days to bring to Blizzcon. I had painting help from Kirakira Cosplay and Chubear Cosplay. Photography by Saffels Photography Many people don’t realize what exactly goes into the creation of a costume. We don’t get paid to make these and only a small portion of us make money off selling prints. This is a labor of love. I’d like to see more of these kinds of cost and time breakdowns from other cosplayers.)

Okay so on both sides there are some pros and cons. People are right and wrong, but hey this is my personal opinion. I need to address a couple of things I see being repeated. Some will be butt hurt, others will not. :3

1. I see a ton of posts about how others are wasting their money.

I don’t really care about how people spend their money. It’s their money to do with what they want. I’m not going to tell anyone to justify it, because we all blow money on things we love. Some people outside of the community see cosplay as a complete waste of time and money in the first place.


Some of the people who have shared their cosplay cost breakdowns are doing it just to give awareness as to how much it can cost. That said, you bet there are others who are putting up these posts so they can brag about how much or how little they have spent.


I don’t plan on putting one up myself, because I know I honestly spend way more than the average person and regardless people will judge accordingly. But you know what, I pay my bills, my taxes, and feed myself and my cats, so I can do what I want with the rest of my money. I personally like my privacy so talking about the cost of my builds and breaking them down is not something I want people to focus on. There is an exception in my case, if anyone asks me about my builds and the costs, I’m very transparent and honest about it. I’ll even link them where I bought the materials, because if anyone wants the information, I’m more than happy to help. 😀

2. I do see the breakdowns as a positive thing, because it’s informative. If looking at others builds and costs upset you, that’s honestly a personal problem. I’m not a fan of any negative feelings, especially jealousy.


I don’t get angry or feel bad about myself every time I see someone driving a Tesla model S despite how much I want one. I’ve accepted the fact it will be a long time, if ever, before I have enough money to purchase one. 😀


That said, people do need to live within their means and I am highly against individuals skipping out on meals in order to attend a con/fund a cosplay instead. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs people. Read it.


3. People are correlating the cost and breakdown of money to the love of cosplay. I highly disagree with this mindset. It doesn’t matter how much you spend guys. You should all already know that and I’m preaching to the choir.


4. I am for the positive message that people should share more tutorials, progress shots, videos, etc. I’ll admit I get super stoked watching the progress of others and then the big reveal at the end. :3 Give back and pay it forward guys.


5. Shopping on a budget. We should all have budgets in mind when it comes to building a cosplay. Unless you have unlimited pockets of cash flowing out of your butt, then more power to you, and come use my toilet. :3 I’d love to see more about online sales for materials being shared. I know I’d follow that blog in a heartbeat, because despite spending so much on my cosplays I’d sure as heck love to spend less and get the same quality or better out of it.


Final thoughts, guys we are a small community and all we have is each other. Calm down and stop judging others. Stop telling others that their social media posts are wrong, make them feel guilty, or judging them for jumping on the bandwagon. I mean it’s like a repeat of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Take a chill pill, have a beer, listen to Cold Play, do whatever you need to do to relax, and for the love of all that is holy, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.


Leaping Lizard Cosplay Fantomfest Horror Cosplay Line Up

Presentation1 (1)

My Fantomfest cosplay line up. Since it’s a horror convention, why not horror based cosplays? 😀

This is my first time as a guest at a con, so come see me! :3

Friday Night: Don Juan from Hotline Miami
Saturday Night: Lady Dexter Morgan from Dexter

Leaping Lizard Cosplay Interview with Living for the Moments

Meru from Legend of Dragoon Cosplayer: Leaping Lizard Cosplay Photography credit:
Meru from Legend of Dragoon Cosplayer: Leaping Lizard Cosplay Photography credit:

I did an interview with the awesome crew from Living for the Moments.