Some good and bad news in the life of the Leaping Lizard.

Hey everyone! I have some sad and good news.


I just put down pretty much all of my savings and took a loan to save my kitty cat Sparkle. She is a repeat offender in the world of things she shouldn’t eat.

As a result, I’ll be taking a break from Cosplay. I will be dropping Megacon and Dragoncon from my lineup this year.

I will try to make the trip to Phoenix CC and I know I will be at Fantomfest.

It was very heartbreaking to decide this, but as much as I love cosplay, I love my kitty more and would go bankrupt for her in a heartbeat.

As it stands, she is currently not responding to her treatments so there will be more tests this morning.

Sorry to everyone. I cannot in any responsible fiscal way to afford these trips. Every penny will be going to my kitties bills, and they are sadly very steep.

At least now I guess I have time to focus my talents elsewhere. Time to hit the gym hard, play tons of video games, and work on my unfinished Cosplays.

I’ll share my progress, but new shoots, new cosplays, and multiple con appearances will be on the back burner for a bit. I do have several projects I need to finish so I’m going to work on those in the meantime.

I’m super upset and have been crying my eyes out about my baby girl. My kitties are my world and it really hurts to see any one of them hurting.


After the recent out-pour of support from you all and the amazing amount of messages. I have made this small donation section on my Storenvy Page. I have multiple options for those and honestly at this point in time, every single dollar helps. I don’t want to pressure anyone. If you would like to share or spread the word, I’d be grateful, but I won’t continue to request such repeatedly.

I will be updating her status and will be transparent about her medical costs for anyone interested. This is the second time I’ve had to do this and it breaks my heart. Last time was liver failure and this time she has ate something she shouldn’t.

So since I have decided it’s in my best interest to take a break from all the expensive cosplay stuff/life/things I have decided to seek another outlet I’ve been interested in pursuing.

So for good news!!!

When life gives you lemons… become a cosplay blogger for Word of the Nerd Online!!! Lol… Well looks like I’ll be playing a different role for a while. Prepare your buttocks for long winded rants, tutorials, toilet humor (OF COURSE), and on the rare occasion some actual decent life advice…


My first little piece comes out today, and I’m excited about generating new content and spreading my wings to come out and regular talk about the community and it’s many facets. Time to spread that positivity!!! :3 (And improve dem writin’ skills) Editors be like… OMFG DIS LIZARD WHY U NO TYPE GOOD & GRAMMARS…


(That physically hurt me to write… btw…)

Hey if you guys want to see me talk about something let me know. It can really be anything!!! FREEDOM!!!

I need a catch phrase… *Hmmmmmm*